Sunday, December 20, 2009


So I'm sitting here preparing to write my final exam essay for government, and am feeling more than a little uninspired. So I think I came up with something that could inspire me and millions of lazy people worldwide. A Tone-Loc Motivational Doll.

Basically it would be a 12 inch doll, in the image of Tone-Loc. The doll would say "Let's do it" like at the beginning of "Wild Thing" when you pulled a string or pushed a button or squeezed its head; however those things work. I think this is what the world needs: Tone-Loc as some sort of patron saint of inspiration. Maybe if J.D. Salinger had one of these, he'd come out of hiding. Maybe if Mos Def had one of these, he'd give the world another Black On Both Sides. Maybe if JaMarcus Russell had one of these he wouldn't make people forget about Ryan Leaf.