Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Being a fan of the UConn men's basketball team has shaped the way I watch college basketball. Namely, it's driven me to hate Duke. Now, a lot of fans don't like Duke. But outside of the ACC, UConn fans have the most reason to hate them. Christian Laettner for stepping on Rod Sellers' chest (and getting away with it while Rod was ejected for not taking to kindly to Laettner's "accident") and for burying The Dream Season with a buzzer-beater. Eventually, these transgressions were avenged but the fact remains: Fuck Duke. Always and forever.

With March Madness is less than 24 hours away, I felt this video would set the mood nicely.

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*Note: Peter made a video for this year but I guess he took it off where he mocked the Duke program to the tune of Eminem's stalker ballad "Stan." Unfortunate.


evan said...

Duke fans are like Boston sports fans, but without all of the championship baggage. Think of how much talent has gone into that program and the best examples in the NBA are Elton Brand, Battier and Jay Williams. Ooops.

Jay Williams said...

What's funny is that my real name is Jay (Jason) Williams. You don't know how irked I was that they had a dude with the same name on their team.