Monday, May 11, 2009


I know. I'm a bad blogger. I've been busy, but that's no excuse. I found the following video on Nahright. It reminds me how entertaining the fan video can be. Usually, they're pretty good because you see how a fan interpreted a song or how they would have shot the video different. Sometimes though, it's just a bunch of jackass kids (no Steve-O). This makes me glad I was born when I was. I have a feeling if I had come up in this Youtube generation, I would have ended up making a video, if not several, like this one. Sure, it seems fun at the time, but then you end up being an adult and your adolescent follies are captured...on the Internet...forever and ever.

That said, this is fuckin' funny.

One, the kid looks like the bastard son of my friend Jared and McLovin of Superbad fame. If two men could make a baby, this would be him. (Hypothetically, I assume you could make a clone of the two Serpentor-style but...never mind. Let me just tuck my nerd back into its hole.)

Two, the ho(e) collection. Even though there are no actual hoes in the collection, I got the joke. Well played, young one.

Three, the McNabelovin clone lip-synching about having sex. There's comedy in itself.

Four, the extra wearing a Rashad McCants Timberwolves jersey. Not a UNC McCants jersey but Timberwolves jersey. Apparently, they were out of Michael Olowokandi jerseys.

Here it is.

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