Sunday, April 27, 2008


So I missed the end of last week's episode. Like I predicted, Lionezz got booted. But hold up. Khia got caught recycling a rhyme from one of her albums. (Honestly, I don't think Serch really recognized that from one of her CDs. Come on. Really, now. Serch does not own a Khia CD.) While not only a violation, iSerch exposed Khia as a one-hit wonder who couldn't write under pressure. Anyway, Khia gets the boot and Lionezz is reinstated. Khia seems relieved to go. Unfortunately, I don't think they really made her do the walk of shame out of the Fembassy with the official "Step Off" stamp of disapproval. Probably because she might have pulled a boxcutter. While she made for great train-wreck TV, I think she diluted the competition because she wasn't really giving it her all. When you write "My Neck, My Back" you can kind of coast through anything, I guess.

Serch and Yo-Yo make the contestants compete in a tracksuit competition where they have to design their own tracksuit. While entertaining, this doesn't really have much to do with actual mic skills, so it seems kind of trivial.

Back to the music, the ladies are split into teams and have to collaborate to write a sexy club-type track that will be performed in a club. Byata captains a team of Rece, Bree and Chiba. Miss Cherry heads up a squad of Nicky2States, D.A.B., Lionezz and Lady Twist. Miss Cherry drops the ball which is shocking considering I have her in my final four. It seems like Ms. Cherry has lost her arch-rival, so she kind of feels like a Batman with no Joker. She'll pull it together after this. Ms. Cherry's team also seemed a little thrown back by having to perform the "so seductive" song in front of a lesbian audience. Despite this wrench in the works, D.A.B. delivers an impressive performance. On the flip side, Byata's team's choreography kind of broke apart, but the team still pulled off a strong showing. It was kind of like a busted play in football. Byata even flubs her words, but she kept it moving and acted like nothing happened. She's got superstar status.

Byata's team gets the win, but this leads to some friction between her and Chiba for no real reason. Just drama. Drama aside, I feel like the competition is heating up. As Serch always screams "This is not a game" and I think it's becoming quite apparent. While I initially I wasn't sure about this, the competitive angle is starting to run neck and neck with the campy side of this show.

Elimination Round. Topic: what turns you off.

Nicky2States: while usually known as one of the more charismatic characters with a gift for profanity, she spits a tame sixteen about how she can only be herself. Kind of reminiscent of some poetry from the diary of a 14 yr old girl (c) David Cross. While this showed her vulnerable side and impressed Serch, I think she took the easy road on that one. Usually, she reminds me of a female DMX. Not this time.

Lady Twist: The dark horse. Storyteller verse. Pretty much the best of the elimination round. If she doesn't make the final four, I'll be amazed.

Lionezz: While she seems more confident and more "in it to win it" since her resurrection, she needs to step out of battle mode. I feel like the language barrier
keeps her from understanding the context of the rhyme assignments.

Ms. Cherry: Drops the ball AGAIN. She stumbles over her words again. Poor showing from another of my projected final four. I think this will be the wakeup call because she was a hair away from getting the boot.

D.A.B.: Half-whispering her rhymes but then losing her train of thought in the middle. I think being picked last for every challenge may have shook her confidence which is too bad because during the club performance she nailed it.

Ultimately, D.A.B.'s stumble was worse than Miss Cherry's.

The battle continues...

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