Friday, April 4, 2008


Here's a visual for the audio from on Black Eye Boom Bap Posse Rap Cage Match .

While I can't find all the videos, here's a sampling.

The Juice Crew - The Symphony

Sometimes, I wonder if they should have sued Mario Van Peebles for biting the black cowboy idea he used in Posse. Then again...

EPMD feat. K-Solo and Redman - The Headbanger

What happened in the 90s where every video had to be filmed in an abandoned warehouse/factory, with fire and baseball bats and chains and dogs barking? For the most part, everyone stopped smiling and started scowling.

Craig Mack feat. Notorious B.I.G., Rampage, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes - Flava In Ya Ear (remix)

Honestly, I can turn it off right after Biggie's verse. I can't imagine anyone thinking "I can top that." This must be like finding out your ex-girlfriend dated Peter North.

Things this video makes me glad about:
-visors going out of style (for the most part)
-no more Puffy dances in videos

Things I don't like:
-LL Cool J's verse. What kind of gobbledygook was that? "Skeevy. Delicious."

De La Soul feat. Q-Tip, Vinia Mojica - A Rollerskating Jam Called Saturday

This is one of those magical songs, like most of The Jackson 5 catalog, where once you hear it, you're in a good mood. Like if you found out your girlfriend used to date Peter North and you heard this song, you'd feel better. This will definitely get played at my wedding. (Not that I'm getting married. But if I do, this is on the playlist)

Bonus: This one didn't make DP's list but it's one of my favorites

Cool Breeze feat. Outkast and Goodie Mob - Watch For The Hook

Dope beat, great rhymes. Plus, it's got a Reservoir Dogs theme to it.

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