Thursday, November 26, 2009


Got these about a month ago. I think sneakers have replaced that compulsion I had growing up trying to find records/CDs and Star Wars action figures (yes, very nerdy). I think the Internet killed my desire to hunt down music. I mean actually leaving my bedroom to hunt it down. (Strangely though, I think I'm still looking for new stuff, just not actually going into stores.) Star Wars figures...well, I think we can think George Lucas for ruining my desire to pursue Star Wars figures, though I'll have fond memories of the pre-Jar Jar Binks Era. So I moved on to sneakers.

These are Air Maxims, merging the classic look of the Air Max 1 with the Flywire technology. The past meeting the future.

The sad part of all this...can't wear them till next spring. To have something so beautiful marred by the wintry New England grit and slush, would be a crime.

Thanks to Goliath for having these on sale for a criminally low price and to Dallas Penn for alerting my of said sale.