Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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Nike SB, the skateboarding division of Nike, has begun releasing sneakers from its "Fallen Heroes" series. The theme behind "Fallen Heroes" is an homage to pop culture icons who fell from grace. Nike SB Dunks to commemorate pop frauds Milli Vanilli and Nike SB Classics in honor of MC Hammer, have already been released.
Nike SB Lo Dunks a.k.a. Milli Vanilli Dunks
-Custom features: black laces which closely resemble those atrocious hair extensions they were famous for. Well, that and not singing.

Nike SB Classics (MC Hammer)
-Custom features: an insole with a picture of a broke(n) hammer on it. (insert rimshot)

Coming later this year, Nike will release a Nike Hi-Top SB Dunk with a Pee Wee Herman theme and a Nike SB Blazer with a Vanilla Ice motif.

Nike Hi-Top SB Dunk a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman Dunk
-Custom features: grey and red similar to Pee Wee's famous suit and bowtie. Also, the insole features a man wearing a suit sitting in what appears to be a row of movie theater seats. (Some jokes just tell themselves.)


Nike SB Blazer (Vanilla Ice)
-Custom features: three blue stars and a blue back tab. Personally, I'd like to see an insole depicting Vanilla Ice being beaten by 3rd Bass a la "Pop Goes The Weasel" or having it simply say "Word To Your Mother."

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